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Cyberbully Movie Reflection Sheet with Writing Prompt

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Cyberbully Movie Reflection Sheet With Writing Prompt

Credit given to:  Heath Hawkins 




Part 1:  Answer the following guiding questions about the movie “Cyberbully”.


1. During the first scene, Taylor’s mother says “What you do online isn’t exactly private.” What do you think she meant by that? How true do you think that statement is? Explain your answer.





2. Lindsay leaves a mean comment (Lardo and Dogface) on a picture. There is a chat room where people from the school talk trash. Why do you think it’s easier to say things through internet conversation rather than face-to-face conversation?






3. Do you think Taylor should have friended James even though she didn’t personally know him? Why or why not?



What are the possible positives of friending James?



What are the possible negatives of friending James?



4. How do you think Taylor felt when someone hacked into her account and updated her status? Were you surprised when you found out who was the hacker? Explain your answer.





5. Make a prediction. Who do you think “James” is? Explain your answer.




6. How do you think Taylor felt when Cheyenne reacted the way she did after being called a name? Do you think this was the right thing to do as her friend? Why or why not?



7. Were you surprised when you found out the real identity of “James”? Why or why not? Explain your answer.



Why do you think this person did what he/she did?



8. How do bullies get punished? Do you think cyberbullies should be punished like regular bullies? Why can’t cyberbullies be punished like regular bullies?





9.  Lindsay’s dad defended her cyberbullying by saying it was Lindsay’s right of freedom of speech. Do you think he handled the situation correctly? Why or why not?





10.  How did Taylor’s experience with cyberbullying affect her friends and/or family?





11. The counselor says that bullying back “adds fuel to the fire”. What do you think that means? Do you agree or disagree? Explain your answer.





12. Did you expect the movie to end like this? Why or why not?




What would you have done the same? What would you have done differently?



13. Lindsay and her friends continue to bully people even after everything that happened! Samantha, Taylor, Caleb, Cheyenne and Scott finally stick up for each other. Why don’t you think they did this earlier?


Part 2:  Evidence Log- What does the movie say about technology’s effect on society?


Describe scene/moment from movie.

Does this prove that technology helps or hurts society?


































Part 3: Writing Reflection (Individual Writing)


Please write a reflection on the movie. Use the following questions to guide your writing, but you do not have to answer every question.  Use the back of this sheet to create a 4-Square map to begin your writing.  You will type your final response:

        What is cyberbullying, why does it happen and how does it affect people?

        What are some things you can do to prevent or stop cyberbullying?

        What are some things your peers can do to prevent or stop cyberbullying?

        What are some things schools can do to prevent or stop cyberbullying?

        What are some things the government can do to prevent or stop cyberbullying?

        Do instant messages and/or social networking sites do more to help or hurt high school students?